The Regina Northview shall be developed under B.P.220 with housing components that emphasize modern designed architecture for the proposed residential units. The project shall cater to more than five hundred beneficiaries. There will be ample spaces for commercial/business ventures, parks and playground and visitor’s parking areas.

Developed lot sizes shall be from a minimum of forty square meters to a maximum of one hundred ninety six square meters. There will be three housing models with approximately twenty four to thirty six square-meter floor area.

The house models shall consist of single-attached, single detached and rowhouse, one storey residential units. There will be a uniform architectural design, particular for each house model, with the exterior walls painted with varying color shades. The one-storey structure shall be composed of a living and dining room, T&B, a kitchen and possibly a utility service area. Single attached models shall have two bedrooms, while the rowhouse shall have one bedroom.

The project shall be gated and enclosed by a perimeter wall with the main entrance provided with an electronic gate and a guard house for security purposes.

Project completion will be by the year end of 2014.